From Doer to Leader. 3 Insider Secrets So You Don’t Fumble the Transition


Episode 1 – Show notes

Welcome to the executive impact show with Barbara Reppert. Barbara has a 20+ years experience in corporate C suite and in this episode, she will share with us the 3 secrets on dealing with the greatest challenge of becoming a leader. She will share her stories and tips on how we will be able to overcome the biggest hindrances on transitioning into a leader.


Greatest Challenge


Barbara noticed in her 20-year experience on corporate C suite that we always tend to face the same challenge, which was navigating the transition from being a contributor to a leader. This challenge is hard especially transitioning to working it out with others rather than crushing it ourselves.

First Secret


We must first decide what leadership means to us personally. That’s the key. We need to look inside of us how we can determine or picture ourselves as a leader. You need to have a clarity on what your goal is. We may know we want to become a leader, but we can’t define who we want to be when we get there, or find a way to measure our progress along the way, there’s a pretty good chance that we’re going to struggle for a long time.  We have to put some work into this plan who you want to become, measure yourself towards it and Take that daily action

Second Secret


We need to redefine how we will measure success. We often don’t redefine success now we are in the new role. Everything in our to-do list need to change. We now need to shift our focus to be about communicating, motivating, and inspiring others to complete the work. There are new rules and the sooner we realize that we realize the shift. If we don’t change our mindset, chances are, we’re going to fall back to our old role, because that’s just what we’re used to.

Third Secret


It is all about shifting our personal development from that technical expert into being a people expert. As we move into leadership skills and talents and made as great as the doer are not necessarily the same ones that are going to give us the success as a leader. You can actually do it with way less energy being expended and probably get way greater results.



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