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How much is lack of leadership costing you?

Is there potential you know you’re wasting or something you haven’t tapped into? And you’re convinced that’s the reason you’re not getting the results you desire. Is it also the reason you may not be sleeping well, feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from a lack of work-life balance?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are plenty of resources, methodologies and programs that you could choose from in order to find a solution. But is all that choice helping you or restricting you? Are you seriously going to have the time and money to commit to filtering through all of them, just to eventually find that key idea that ends up working for you?

We’ve guided others to faster results.

We’re all uniquely different, what works for one person may not work for another. Our coaching honours the human element of you and your team tailoring a solution that can be executed by you naturally and effortlessly. Thus giving you the results you were looking for all along, while saving you time and money to continue growing.

I have witnessed an individual who is driven to understand the complexities of our businesses and what we value as an organization. This holistic approach enables her to bring her coaching mastery to areas that will have the most immediate and highest impact.

Barb challenges our leadership team to engage in activities that are aligned and focused on achieving our breakthrough objectives.

If you haven’t been in a room with Barb you are truly missing out on an AMAZING experience. Barb is governed by sound values and principles, but flexible in the face of change and uncertainty

She brings her extensive business experience from the c-suite to every engagement and recognizes when she needs to coach, mentor, and/or consult with her clients based on their business’s objectives and goals.

Barb develops an instant connection and creates comfortable, open working environment.

She drives to understand your leadership challenges and identify opportunities to improve.

Barb will also make the effort to get to know and understand you on a personal level knowing that who you are influences how you lead.

Our approach

What we believe

At Executive Impact, we believe that Leaders are made, not born or designated. It’s easy to give someone the title of a Leader, but are they recognized and respected as one? We know that the difference between an ‘average’ or a ‘great’ Leader is their ability to enlist, engage and empower themselves and others.

The challenge we face is not a lack of resources or reference materials, but more the opposite – there’s too many! How do you know which one is the best approach for you? You are uniquely you, and it doesn’t make sense to have a one-size-fits-all approach to your leadership. So do you waste time trying to figure it out on your own or do you invest in the guide that will tailor to you and your specific needs?

That’s what we’ve been doing for 20+ years, taking Leaders with potential and guiding them to become a great Leader. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the fastest route, ensuring you have a clear mission and the natural motivation to keep going. We do this by ensuring clarity of the goal, tailoring a strategy that fits you effortlessly, and holding you accountable to get results.

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